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Challenge Issuerwraithrune
Challenge NameNaruto Wonderland
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anime
DescriptionHi, is there anyone who can write a fic where one of the characters from Btvs was magicked away into the land of Naruto?

Characters could be:

1) Xander
2) Buffy
3) Willow
4) Dawn
5) Cordelia


They'll be staying there for a while where they'll learn all sorts of jutsus and fighting methods before finding a way to return back to their world.

example would be:
1) a magic artifact transport them into Naruto world, but the artifact was shattered in process and now they have to find back the pieces to return to their world.


2) They could some how be sucked into Naruto Video game world.

As Naruto is available in book manga, anime and video games, the medium of transportation can be different.

3) You could try adding that because of whatever incident or spell or whatever done to transport them to another world, they actually stopped aging.

4) And when they return back to their world, they actually found themselves back in the bodies of their past selves, as time rewrites itself again.
Challenge Date13 Jan 08
Last Updated7 Jul 08

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No one has responded to this challenge.