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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuernone
Challenge NameIt's A Case Of Mis-Translation
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category CSI
DescriptionAmy Madison was never to good at translating Latin, Which causes all sorts of problems for a lot of people...

The spell Amy did for Xander was not a Love spell but a Procreation spell... It heals all fertility problems (including vasectomy's, hysterectomy's and such), makes Xander the hottest male around until he gets 50 women pregnant, ensures there's a safe environment for the pregnant ladies/babies and there's no way to break it. The list of pregnant ladies should include Amy, Buffy, Willow, Joyce, Jenny Calender, Kendra or Faith (depending on the time line), Calleigh (CSI Miami), Sarah (CSI Vegas) and whoever else can be brought in. Cordelia and Xander's mother are both rejected by the spell, as the spell only works on ladies that Xander respects, likes or admires. Once the spell has started to work on the ladies, it also makes it extremely hard for Xander to say No to them. It also has a side affect of causing twins of triplets more often than not.

The CSI Miami and CSI Vegas teams are brought in by the spell to make a safe environment, after part of the spell undoes the Mayors spell and makes the world aware of the corruption of the town politicians but not the nightlife. During the course of the investigation, the Watchers Council is uncovered and the upper management of it get Extradited to various countries to face charges of Kidnapping, Child Endangerment, Slavery (Due to not paying the Slayer), Murder and Prostitution (The spell makes everyone believe the prostitution charge as it's covering up the nightlife). England revokes their diplomatic status and hands them over without a complaint. Most field watchers are also arrested and charged, Giles being one of the few who aren't.

Giles gets lumbered with all of the left over potentials (the ones without family or a bad family situation (Like the children from African families who are refugee's or have no food)) after all the surviving families are notified, the assets from the council to support them with and several very annoyed/angry Child Welfare groups to keep an eye on him....

Would prefer a story of at least 4-5 chapters with around 1000 words each chapter and should be rated at least FR18
Challenge Date20 Jan 08
Last Updated20 Jan 08

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