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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerSithicus
Challenge NameThe Wolf Man/Frankenstein/Dracula Universal Horror at it's finest, or is it?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Movies > Other-Horror
DescriptionI hereby challenge someone, anyone to take one of the classic black and white horror movie monsters from Universals films and include them in a crossover with our favorite Scoobies, or even the Fang Gang. I want to see a story that takes Laurence Talbot 'The Wolf Man', Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula or heck The Invisible Man/The Mummy and have them become the central big bad of a fic/ficlet/drabble/series/story/what-have-you and don't just go with the reimagined versions from The Mummy/Van Helsing I'm talkin' classic horror staples.

I make no rules or stipulations except for the fact that the cross over characters must be from the classic Universal horror movies and also you should do your best to keep them in character or if you feel they're too outdated I will accept modernizing them for the new millenia.

Can be at any point during the series or after for BtVS and AtS, one thing I would like to see is clever ways to explain the differences between The Wolf Man/Dracula/Etc. from the similar monsters/demons they've faced before. Why is Laurence Talbot the way he is? Incapable of death.

So, get cracking folks if this little challenge inspires your muse then by all means take a crack at it. Surely I can't be the only one interested in seeing a crossover like this?
Challenge Date9 Feb 08
Last Updated18 Jan 10

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