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Challenge Issuer(Current Donor)MarcusRowland
Challenge NameBtVS / Harry Potter: Fudge's Glory.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Harry Potter
DescriptionAU from HP book 5, BtVS S5 - Fired from his job as Minister, Cornelius Fudge delves into old magic and somehow learns of the power of Glorificus. He cuts a deal - if she'll take down Voldemort and help him get back in power, he'll use all of the resources of the Ministry to help find the Key. Once he sees what Glory can do he's too scared not to...

So there's a sudden end to the war, leaving Harry and the Order etc. trying to figure out what Fudge and his mysterious "adviser" are up to, and lots of brain-sucked muggles turning up while the Ministry is still looking for the Key.

Where you go with this is up to you - maybe the Key is somewhere in the Wizarding world, nothing to do with the Slayer at all, maybe it's Dawn Summers, maybe it's Harry himself. Can it be used without ending the world? And what can the Knights and Monks of Byzantium do against Wizards? Only one request - PLEASE, no Dawn Potter!!!
Challenge Date10 Feb 08
Last Updated10 Feb 08

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