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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerLadyBold
Challenge NameAngel/West Wing Crossover
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > West Wing > Multiple Pairings
DescriptionThe President's headed to LA for a fundraiser, and as usual something has caused a major behind the scenes ruckus, causing Josh, Donna, CJ and Toby to be left behind at the hotel. These four end up lost in a skeezy area of downtown, and be rescued by the FG from something nasty, (preferably not vamps, something WORSE)

-Josh/Donna, CJ/Toby, Angel/Cordy shippiness
-The president and Leo know about vamps and things that go bump in the night, i(if you can work in that Angel and Leo are old "drinking" buddies then extra points)
-At one point have a WW character, remark that, "Living on the hellmouth doesn't sound so much different than an average day at the White House, except instead of slaying vamps, we slay evil laws!" to which someone from the FG replies "Evil Laws? You guys need to get out more!"
-A '80's ballad

Can Have:
-An appearence by the Scoobies, (but please not too much snarkiness and angst between Cordy and Buffy over Angel, it's been done to death)
-Cordy talking to the Pres. about her father being in Jail
-Angel making vamp faces for Conner and someone (other than Cordy) saying "What a dork!"

Please please please, no Riley, Evil!Willow!, or Angsty!Spike! But if you wanna include Spuffy, I'm all for it!
Challenge Date22 Jun 04
Last Updated20 Jan 10

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