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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuer(Past Donor)KatrinaC
Challenge NameWhat if? - A Xander and Mal fic
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Firefly
DescriptionWhat if Xander was the one that dove off the tower to close the portals, since he is the other half of Dawn's blood.

According to the Scobbies he dies, but his spirit is swept away and he gets revived 500 years in the future and lands in the cargo bay of Serenity?

Can be set before BDM

1) Xander/Mal Slash - how graphic depends on you.
2) Xander helps River control her mind better
3) Xander and Wash become best of friends
4) Jayne has to want Xander, but backs off once xander fights dirty and knocks him down.
5) Xander proves his worth by strategising for Mal when the situation calls for it.

Not halves:
1) Buffy and Willow can't try to resurect Xander
2) Tara will not die in the Buffy verse

1) They get a job from a Will Blood, who happens to be Spike
2) They find Angel on a blood transport ship
3) Xander's soldier memories and the Hyena Primal Spirt merge to give Xander a better idea of how to deal in this new time.
Challenge Date20 Feb 08
Last Updated20 Feb 08

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