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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerEvie
Challenge NameShieldmaiden of......Sunnydale???
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Lord of the Rings
DescriptionOkay, I am in desperate need of some Buffy/Eomer fics.

I'd like to see Buffy come to middle earth (you can decide how, where, when, and why) and pretty much set everyone and everything on its ear. Most of the Rohan people think Shieldmaidens are a thing of ancient history...Well, They're not Anymore.


1.)Has to be Buffy/Eomer
2.)Buffy being her Californian, fashion lovin', and quippy self - although she does know some courtly behavior from the Halloween escapade.
3.)Buffy can NOT go home. She is stuck in this dimension - no loop holes. You can decide why.
4.)Some of the Scoobies can have come to middle earth, its up to you.
5.)No Kennedy - unless you have Buffy kicking her ass or Kennedy being killed by a hobbit by accident. :)
6.)Can be before or during the war of the rings but not after for the LotR timeline; after season seven for BtvS.
7.)(This isn't a requirement)Feel free to change up some of the events that originally happened. Character deaths, etc.

Bonus Points for:

1.)Buffy not taking any crap about her being a 'shieldmaiden'- especially from Theoden and Eomer(and Theodred if he is still alive) since they seem to have the most issues with it. Middle earth may not have women's rights...but Buffy didn't get the memo.
2.)Eomer not believing that Buffy is a warrior and trying to treat her like he treats Eowyn.
3.)Buffy can sense the ring but it doesn't affect her.

You also get cookies if you add on one or all of the options below:

1.)Buffy and Gimli taking to each other right away and commiserating about being short in a tall world.
2.)Buffy trying to talk fashion with the elves.
3.)Buffy making a crack about everyone smoking pipe'weed'.
4.)Buffy growing fond of a horse and naming it Mr. Gordo - you can have a ME character find out the significance of this.
5.)Buffy explaining to Eowyn that being a 'shieldmaiden' isn't about the glory - its about protecting the innocent.

Anyway, I hope someone takes this Challenge! Pretty Please!! :)
Challenge Date25 Feb 08
Last Updated2 Mar 08

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