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Challenge Details

Challenge IssuerDamia
Challenge NameGeek Chic
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Bones
DescriptionA Buffy and Bones Crossover

Dawn has graduated Oxfard and is now an intern trying to gain her doctorate in Forensic Anthropology. Now that Zach Addy is a full team member and no longer an assistant, the Director of the Jeffersonian has decided that an intern, especially one with political ties like Dawn Summers has, would be good for Dr. Brennan.
(Alternately it would be interesting if she was trying to gain her doctorate in Entomology and interning under Hodgins. Bug and Slime girl would likely appeal to Dawn in many strange ways. Demons being slimy and often having exoskeletons like bugs.)

Dawn, having decided against becoming a watcher because she needs to find her own niche in the world, is arguing with her sister and on the lookout for possible body guards that her sister and the rest of the scoobies may send. Though there is already a group of slayers in the DC area that keep the demon population to a minimum.

Must Have:
- Legitimate reason for Boothe looking like Angel that does not include him in any way shape or form actually being Angel/Angel's reincarnation. (some kind if descendant is perfectly acceptable)

- Dawn going into full geek mode over something like a new piece of cuneiform or some ancient weapon that someone in the lab brought in or is talking about.

- Dawn always dressed fashionably, she is a Summers girl after all

- Dawn and Zach Addy going on at least one date

- Dawn being called in to help with a translation in another department (she double majored in ancient and dead languages)

- The Girls all bond in some way because of something specific (Girls = Dawn, Angela, Bones, Cam)

- Bones and Boothe relationship

May Have:
- Dawn being kidnapped (as long as she puts up a hell of a fight)

- One of the scoobies running the local Slayer Ring

- Dawn going to help out at one of Brennan and Boothes cases for some reason

- Someone coming to check up on Dawn, but pretending to be there for other reasons.

Must Not Have:
- Angel and Boothe as the same soul or reincarnations (I put this up again because I truly do not like this idea)

- Boothe and any scooby together romantically

Kudos for any of the following:
- Faith running the local slayer ring

- Dawn and Zach hooking up permanently

- Dawn beating Hodgins in an argument about government conspiracy (both of them know it's happening)

- Hodgins knowing what the International Watcher Council is

NOTE: you can use this challenge for any of the CSI, or Law and Order shows, as well as NCIS, and others like that. If the challenge makes your muse start working please let me know! I'd love to read the fic!
Challenge Date23 Mar 08
Last Updated8 Feb 10

Challenge Responses

Dawn found her place among people she came to love. Things don't always turn out like you'd hope they would though. (*contains SERIOUS spoilers for Season 3 Finale of Bones)
Only the author can add chapters to this story Television > Bones > Dawn - Centered • Damia • FR15 • Chapters [1] • Words [4,312] • Recs [5] • Reviews [16] • Hits [4,834] • Published [16 Jul 08] • Updated [16 Jul 08] • Completed [Yes]