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Challenge Issuermalaskor
Challenge NameXander - CSI (LasVegas)
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category --Not Specified--
DescriptionBased on CSI: Las Vegas, episode S4E13 "Suckers"

A short summary of the ep:
Grissom investigates a twist-filled case in which a priceless 17th-century
Japanese samurai sword is stolen from a Vegas hotel. In the northern part of the
city, Catherine and Warrick probe the death of a woman who appears to have been
bitten by a vampire and her blood consumed by her attacker.

Now the Challenge:
The vampire part of the episode had a lot of potential for invlovement of Xander
and the rest of the crew. He may work on repairs in the CSI HQ and hear of this,
he may have joined the CSI crew or just happen on the body of the dead woman at
the beginning of the episode...

So, please - someone who has seen the episode and enough time and ideas please
write a crossover with CSI based on this episode. Time of BtVS is up to you but
S7 or after seems most sensible looking at the timelines of both shows.

It would be really interesting to see their reactions to the vampire club... and
who knows which one is really one

Oh and before I forget: Please NO Xander-Slash
Challenge Date24 Jun 04
Last Updated24 Jun 04

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