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Challenge Issueralcm
Challenge NameXander Harris, Undercover
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Smallville
Description{Post-Traveler, Veritas on Smallville} Xander Harris has never had much luck in love, but he had seriously been starting to think he was ready to settle down with his girlfriend, Patricia Swann. In fact, he planned to pop the question as soon as she got back from her "business trip" in Smallville. It's a rather unpleasant shock, then, to see her death headlining the news one Thursday morning. The article says Patricia drowned, but Xander knows Patricia was an excellent swimmer, so he suspects foul play, and heads to the states and Smallville to find out what happened.

-Xander interacts with Lois and Jimmy, who are also investigating Patricia's murder.
-No Xander-pairings. He just lost his girlfriend whom he loved enough to want to marry, he's not going to start a relationship right away.
-Patricia knowing about the Scooby Gang and being at least semi-friends with Willow, Buffy and Dawn.
-Xander knowing that Patricia was obsessed with something called Veritas, but not knowing what it is.
-Xander distrusting the Luthors.
-Not a lot of Clark, Lana, Chloe. Some is all right (although the less Lana, the better), but they can't be a big focus.
-Supportive, best friend-y Willow.

-Buffy, Willow and Dawn go with Xander to Smallville.
-Somehow, working Andrea Rojas/the Angel of Vengence into the story.
-Lucy Lane, somehow.
Challenge Date30 Mar 08
Last Updated9 Apr 08

Challenge Responses

When Xander Harris' fiance dies under mysterious circumstances, it's up to him and the Scooby gang to find out who killed her, and why.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Smallville > Xander-Centered • potterfanxp • FR18 • Chapters [10] • Words [10,695] • Recs [0] • Reviews [40] • Hits [22,238] • Published [21 Aug 08] • Updated [19 Jan 09] • Completed [No]