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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerSio
Challenge NameThe Junior Luthor Challenge
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Smallville > Xander-Centered
DescriptionI've seen many kid-Xander fic's and this idea popped into my head.

The Challenge is SLASH between Clark and Lex, Set when ever you want in the Smallville series, but keep an eye to Clark's age (i.e. no underage sex). I would like to see some angst, drama, and romance going on between the two of them.

So here's the main part:
Xander is some how de-aged through a spell, curse, experiment gone wrong, or what ever you think is cool.

I'd like to see Xander under ten years old. whether or not he remembers his Scooby days I leave you to decide.

Xander then some how becomes Lex and Clark's responsibility.

How they find him and what their reactions are is up to you.

Length: anything over 2000 words
rating: FR-15 or over

Happy writing!
Challenge Date19 Apr 08
Last Updated27 Jul 10

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