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Challenge Issuerpezgirl
Challenge NameWillow Grey-Summers, Buffy Grey-Summers
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category --Not Specified--
DescriptionXmen timeline: movies 1, 2, 3 or between. maybe futuristic.
Buffy: season 1 or 2

Buffy discovers that Hank is actually her biological uncle and brother of Scott Summers. Joyce isn't realted to Buffy in blood. Scott Summers is her dad, her mom is Jean Grey- that's not all, she also learns that Willow is her little sister (she's over a year younger than Buffy- she skipped a grade in school coz she's smart- ).
Buffy looks a little similar to their dad whilst Willow looks like their mom.
they get more surprises when they learn that one or the other- or both- are/is a mutant.


Xander learns that his abusive parents aren't actually related to him, that his real parents are Jean and Scott Summers and that his best friend of 14 or 15 yrs is actually his little sister and that so is his other friend Buffy. is he a mutant too?

Note: in this story Buffy was born around late January of 1981 while Willow was born in late May of 1982 making her 18 months younger than Buffy. Xander was born in June 1980 making him 7 months older than Buffy and 25 months (2 yrs and a month) older that Willow (who he is already very protective of).

Must have:

The closeness of the three original Scoobies in the High School years that some people sometimes forget in other fics.

Must not have:

Cordy/Xander 'ship (eeeww!)
Too much Angel/Buffy 'ship (it's okay, but it's depressing)
Character-bashing unless it is Willow's or Xander's 'parents'
Challenge Date2 May 08
Last Updated2 May 08

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