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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerDamia
Challenge NameQueen C in Miniature
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionCordelia Chase was not inhabiting her body during the whole 'evil Cordy' debacle. No, the powers that be, being the irritatingly oppressive managers of balance that they are, allowed her body to be inhabited by evil. Leave the higher plane to help the good, get sucked out of the lower plane to even out the bad.

The Powers that be can't have Cordelia off doing her own thing again, leaving her duties to help out Angel and his crew, and they need all the white-hats they can get. So Cordelia is being given another chance. A chance to help others with her visions. She's being sent to an alternate dimension, complete with her visions, to learn and grow as a person, to help the chosen champions of that dimension, and to grow accustomed to the powers that she was given. What the Powers Might not have mentioned, was that Cordelia is being sent to this new place, as a child. Where she will literally have to grow.

REMEMBER THESE IDEA'S: (that doesn't mean you have to use them)
- Cordelia might not have realized the full potential of Doyle's Gift
- Being in a new dimension might possibly warp her powers or give her new ones
- Being made into a child doesn't necessarily mean losing your memory
- Nor does it mean that all of her scars (or tattoos) will disappear
- Cordelia, while not as blunt as Anya, has always prided herself on being truthful
- If Cordy remembers her old life, then she likely wont censor the things she says without focusing
- She might not end up with the good guys at first
- Kidnapping kids is always easier than kidnapping adults

- Any of the Star Trek shows/movies
- Any DC
- Any Marvel
- Stargate: Atlantis
- Or if you manage to somehow (feasibly) bring in another BtVS character.
Challenge Date4 May 08
Last Updated6 May 08

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