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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuer(Recent Donor)BuffyCharmed
Challenge NameAwakening
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Movies
DescriptionCrossover with Awake

Set after the fall of Sunnydale.

After defeating the First Evil, Buffy finds herself severely injured and this time Slayer healing just isn't gonna cut it.

But Buffy couldn't know that on this very same night at the very same hospital she's staying at, Clay Beresford is about to get a heart transplant. And she certainly couldn't have anticipated just how much of an impact her presence will have on his life.

Now, with Whistler placing Buffy in the same state as Clay, she's in a race to save him, contact her friends, and figure out new and creative ways to kick Whistler's ass for making her endure the pain.

Why Clay is so important to Whistler and the Powers is up to you.
Challenge Date5 May 08
Last Updated5 May 08

Challenge Responses

No one has responded to this challenge.