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Challenge IssuerSithicus
Challenge NameInspector Who, Pink What?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Movies > Other-Comedy
DescriptionI have no idea if it is even remotely possible, but I would love to see a Pink Panther/BtVS Cross. I'm thinking something along the lines of the famous Pink Panther Diamond could have mystical properties and so is stolen again, and yet again the Government of Lugash requests Chief Inspector Jacques Clousseau of the Seurte to find the thief.
Which ultimately leads him to run in to our favorite Scooby gang or even the Fang Gang.

What I'd like to see in this is Inspector Clousseaus' wacky antics, at least four assassination attempts by Former Chief Inspector Dreyfus, maybe even have Dreyfus turned into an insane Clousseau hating vampire. LOL

Caito must be included.

One of the Scoobies should be mistaken as the thief at one point, possibly Xander because of his past history stealing the rocket launcher.

Must be Peter Sellers Clousseau, though Steve Martin was a great Clousseau I think Sellers' Clousseau would fit in a bit better with the Scoobies.

Can take place at any point in the Buffy timeline, but I'd love to see it happen after Season Seven with Xander being sent to Lugash to find a baby Slayer only to be caught and charged with the theft. Non-Slash if you please unless part of canon, Xander never loved men or male body types so no need for him to fall in love with... Clousseau or something.
The Pink Panther can even make an appearance if you can figure out how to work it, and I mean the actual character not the diamond with the same name.

And of course there should be the famous mangling of the English/French language Clouseau is famous for. I sure hope someone shares my crazy sense of humor, plus I for one think this is a cross that hasn't been even attempted before. So by all means give it a whirl if you feel interested in tackling such a crazy/zany concept.
Challenge Date23 May 08
Last Updated18 Jan 10

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