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Challenge Issuer(Current Donor)MarcusRowland
Challenge NameThrough the Looking Glass (BtVS / HP, possibly others)
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Harry Potter
DescriptionHarry (or one of his friends) discovers that the Mirror of Erised can show the world as it might be if things were different; for example, if there was no magical community as they know it. One of the worlds shown is another castle, very much like Hogwarts, in which a load of teenage girls seem to be learning to fight monsters. So whoever is looking starts to study their techniques, hoping to find something to use against Voldemort, and gets glimpses of stuff like Wicca magic, maybe starts to fall in love with someone glimpsed through the mirror.

The problems are first that it's entirely a one-way street - nobody in the Buffyverse has any idea that this is happening - and second that sound and physical objects don't get through, just light. For an extra complication there's one exception to this - Willow begins to get a feeling (but nothing more concrete than that) that someone is spying on them and begins to put up wards to prevent it.

Where this goes is up to you - what I would prefer not to see is anyone go through from one world to the other in either direction, at least not by going through the mirror.
Challenge Date28 May 08
Last Updated28 May 08

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