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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerEmpressd
Challenge NameMesopotamia was LONG after my time
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Highlander
Description"Lets put it this way... I'm fluent in Sumerian, and Mesopotamia was long after my time."

Buffy/Highlander Challenge

Standard Buffy's been around forever... blah blah blah,

-Work something interesting as to how she gets her current looks, maybe she's reborn every time the essence of the Slayer is recycled?Something original would be preferable.
-Have Buffy meet up with/already be familiar with various Highlander Characters, preferably NOT Methos... that's just cliché
-Scoobies find out about Buffy's immortality, but NOT after she dies in front of them

Bonus Points:
-Buffy having been several semi-famous individuals throughout history... something you can actually see her as, not just a random made-up figurehead
-Use my quote in some part of your story
-Update Regularly and Complete the story!

Pairing: If you absolutely HAVE to have one, I'd prefer it to be femslash... you figure out with who, or whom as it may be.

That's about it, I've just been itching for a Buffy/Highlander xover, but I know if I write it it'll never get done so...
Challenge Date1 Jun 08
Last Updated1 Jun 08

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