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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerMOONWOLF
Challenge NameNew York Knights
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category CSI
DescriptionAfter Xander steals the rocket launcher from a marine base Gibbs' team is sent to investigate. Upon discovering footage from the mall security cameras, Gibbs sees Xander do something that a marine would do ie a martial art move, a particularly difficult rifle shot, some skill that a teenage boy should not have. The proof of the existence of demons convinces Gibbs not to press charges. After investigating the Scoobies, Gibbs discovers Xander is his friend Mac Taylor's son. After Gibbs meets Xander's alcoholic parents he decides to rescue him and take him to Mac.
~The story starts in New York at the lab with Gibbs delivering Xander to Mac.
~Xander has all of Mac's military skills since he used Mac's fatigues that he found in a
trunk in his attic. The hyena makes him want to hunt and protect his pack.
~Xander is still a demon magnet.
~Set before Aiden leaves. Xander needs to ask her if she's evil.
Challenge Date2 Jun 08
Last Updated7 Jul 08

Challenge Responses

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