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Challenge Details

Challenge Issuer(Recent Donor)BuffyCharmed
Challenge NameSmall Towns and Hellmouths
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Gilmore Girls
DescriptionCrossover with Gilmore Girls

What if Jess wasn't the only one sent to a small town to get his life together? What if he had a little cousin named Buffy? What if the chaos that ensued was that which only a blonde vampire slayer cold cause? What if Stars Hollow wasn't the unassuming little hamlet that everyone thought it was?

Buffy the vampire slayer makes a special appearance in Stars Hollow when Joyce and her sister Liz get the idea that the best way to straighten up their children was to send them with good 'ole Uncle Luke.

Dealing with family and getting their lives together will just be a small part of their, namely Buffy's, dilemma as the slayer realizes there's more going on than meets the eye in the seemingly perfect town when its hellmouth becomes active.


Make it realistic, but have some fun! This is Stars Hollow we're talking about. How would the town residents react with mysterious deaths or friends that suddenly need an invitation to get in? Stay true to the characters and their reactions, but still give it that Buffyverse ironic humor. (You know Jess and Buffy could never withold some good old fashioned sarcasm ;)

Don't forget the small things! Like in Buffy, the slayer doesn't JUST have to deal with demons and magic. A lot of the show is about her dealing with her family and life while still having to be the slayer. Issues with Luke, school, friends- keep 'em coming!


Some good snark with Buffy and Jess. (Think Supernatural with Dean and Sam's jerk, bitch thing). They like each other, but they like getting on each other's nerves.

Buffy, Lorelai and Rory being friends, maybe ganging up on Luke and Jess. Just because Jess might not like Rory's mom, doesn't mean Buffy doesn't (and might tease him about it ;)

Just have fun!
Challenge Date11 Jun 08
Last Updated11 Jan 10

Challenge Responses

Various bits and bobs that that I haven't completed. Mostly challenge answers. Feel free to snag one if it catches your fancy or give me a poke in the right direction...
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