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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerpezgirl
Challenge NameMore Family Business
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Supernatural
DescriptionBTVS: pre-Buffy
Supernatural: pre-1st season

What if John never came back from a hunt? Where would Dean and Sam have gone? 13 yr old Dean and 9 yr old Sammy are orphaned and sent to live with the Rosenbergs.
there, they meet their 11 yr old cousin Willow.
Willow's parents are away a lot and have no time for her; they have no time for Sam and Dean either- so the three kids are left alone together.

soon enough, Dean reveals the existence of demons and the supernatural to Willow and Xander (maybe Jesse too). to avenge the loss of both their parents the young Winchesters start fighting the sunnydale night-life and Willow and her friend/s help them.

Dean trains the kids much in the same way John trained him; guns, how do build them; how to use them; teaches them how to hunt. hand-to-hand combat. and anyother skills that John has taught Sam and Dean they pass onto Willow and Xander; also Jesse if he's in it.

Dean and Sam are con-artists; maybe she helps them by using her skill as a Hacker.

Sam and Willow research together.

Must have:

still being a hunting team in 1997; they don't let Buffy be leader; they just let her be part of their gang. though they will be suspicious- especially Dean and Xander.


Willow/Dean- though it's optional really.

1997: Dean would be 17; Willow/Xander would be 15; Sam would be 13.

Have fun!
Challenge Date26 Jun 08
Last Updated26 Jun 08

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