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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerpezgirl
Challenge NameDoctor's daughter
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Stargate
DescriptionStargate: Season 4
BTVS: the summer between season 3 & Season 4

Sheila Rosenberg's 14 yr old brother, David, dates Janet Frasier (same age) but when she get pregnant he breaks up with her because he doesn't want the responsibility.
David's 20 yr old sister, Sheila and her husband, Ira, can' have kids so they end up adopting the girl and naming her Willow. Janet's too young to keep her and her parents made her give Willow up and move away from the baby to Colorado Springs.

Must have:

Willow going to find her


Pairings: Willow/Oz


Cassie would be about 15, Willow is 18

Up to you from then on.
Challenge Date4 Jul 08
Last Updated16 Jul 08

Challenge Responses

Willow's Real Family: Response to Pezgirl's challenge: Our redheaded witch finds out that Ira and Sheila Rosenberg aren't actually her real parents; when she asks them about it the responce & her relation to a Doctor in the SGC opens up a new world to her
Only the author can add chapters to this story Stargate > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Other • Xsara • FR13 • Chapters [3] • Words [4,134] • Recs [2] • Reviews [56] • Hits [11,434] • Published [7 Aug 08] • Updated [13 Aug 08] • Completed [No]