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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerQueensarrow
Challenge NameBtVS/Sliders
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Sliders
DescriptionRequirements- If the Scooby Gang is involved: Willow is fascinated with the Sliders' timer and saying she wants one of her very own (if she ends up with one is up to you).
Buffy saying something about Kromaggs being easier to kill than your average vamp.
Xander wanting to go with the sliders when they leave (wether or not he does is up to you).
Giles wanting to see how things might of turned out if Merrick lived.
If Angel's gang is involved:
Cordy finds out how her life would be different if someone else (NOT Angel) got the visions after Doyle died.
Angel wishing the Sliders would just leave.
Wesley trying to learn how Faith is in other dimensions.
Motorcycles must be the main means of transportation.
The Sliders must explain and warn the Gang (Scooby or Fang) of the Kromaggs.
Some Plot Ideas
Wishverse characters follow the Sliders to Jossverse.
Jossverse characters go to Wishverse.
Prof. Arturo teaches Willow or Amy the theories behind sliding, who then set out to try a magical version.
An alternate Wesley stops his double from calling the Council.
Faith follows the Sliders through the vortex after they land in her cell.
Fred (while still in Pylea) builds a sliding device and encounters the Sliders after they return home.
Wade turns out to be a powerful witch and goes crazy when exposed to the energies of the Hellmouth.
Cordy meets her dimensional double and sees how she would have turned out if her acting career got off the ground, and doesn't like what she finds.
A BtVS/AtS switches places with a Slider, i.e. Willow goes sliding while Wade stays on the Hellmouth, or Wesley falls through the vortex while Rembrandt gets left behind.

Have fun!
Challenge Date19 Jul 04
Last Updated1 Feb 10

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