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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerscifigirl
Challenge NameBuffy/Highlander My Mother's a WHAT???
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Highlander
DescriptionBuffy/Highlander Challenge

Premise: Turns out Buffy's mom isn't as normal as she thinks. In the episode "The Body", Joyce dies but she doesn't stay dead, she comes back as an immortal.

My story requirements are flexible so if you want to change or delete a requirement thats okay.

Story Requirements:

1) Include Duncan and Connor in the story.

2) Either Duncan or Connor volunteering to teach Joyce on how to fight with a sword but Buffy blows them off, telling them she can teach her own mom. They of course look at her and snicker, not knowing that she's the Slayer and she gives them the fight of their life.

3) Duncan & Connor thinking that Joyce adopted Buffy & Dawn and not believing her when she tells them that she gave birth to them, really just Buffy but she's not going to tell them that.

4) Joyce really did give birth to Buffy and this confuses the hell out of Duncan and Connor because no immortal can have a child.

5) Lots of research to try and find out why Joyce was able to have a child and what effect this will have on Buffy, being the child of an immortal.

6) Riley and Buffy are no longer dating, he is just so wrong for her.

7) If you want to pair Buffy up with either Duncan or Connor that's okay.

8) Some nasty immortals coming to town to try and take Joyce's head but Buffy nips that in the bud. Buffy isn't bound by the rules of the "Game".

9) Dawn is still the key.

10) There is no Glory in Sunnydale.

11) Duncan and Connors reaction to the demon and vampires in Sunnydale, do they already know about demons or do they get a big surprise. If they don't know about the demons, have Xander be present when they meet their first demon so that he can tell them what their doing wrong when they try to kill it, then have Xander be the one who finally does kill it.
Challenge Date19 Jul 04
Last Updated10 Jul 08

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