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Challenge IssuerMediancat
Challenge NameThe Mandrill's Army
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > Other Marvel Comics
DescriptionThe Mandrill is a Marvel Comics villain -- a misogynist who looks like, well, a mandrill, but who emits pheromones that make any woman over puberty fall madly in love with him and want to do anything he says. This includes superheroines such as the Valkyrie, so powers don't give you the willpower to resist. Neither does knowledge of this ability and a determination to fight it.

He has several times used his abilities to garner himself an army of women which he has attempted to use to take over the US, and has been defeated, most commonly by the Defenders, but a couple of times by Shanna the She-Devil (the only woman in Marvel who has proven able to resist him over the long term) and Spider-Man. What would he do if he found out about a veritable army of super-strong and tough women with fighting skills and combat experience? (AKA, all the new Slayers that came into existence after Willow's spell?)

He'd think it was a dream come true. (Not to mention that he'd love having Willow under his spell as well.)

Conditions: A Marvel superhero should cross over as well, your choice (but male). One and only one female Buffy character can be resistant to the Mandrill's power -- your choice why, your choice who, except for Willow, who must be one of the ones to fall under the Mandrill's control.

Otherwise, have fun!
Challenge Date21 Sep 08
Last Updated17 Jan 10

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