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Challenge Issuerbunnyears
Challenge NameDevils and Slayers
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games
DescriptionBuffy is notorious for making evil creatures fall in love with her. And Vergil wants to become just like his father, but this isn't exactly what he had in mind.
Now he's going to experience something his father had at the end of his life that's a whole different kind of power and strength.
Vergil is unfamiliar with this feelings while Buffy is full of with it.
What if buffy was transported into the Devil May Cry World post chosen?
Would she be able to bring one the most (im) famous half devil to his knees and have him do the redemption thing, like her past lovers did? After all it's almost like tradition with her.

- to be able to keep with Vergil and Dante strength (unfortunately, cuz I hate having to have buffy become uber strong in stories) Buffy becomes stronger (let's face it, the slayer is way weaker than Vergil and Dante) The two half devils world is closer to hell than Buffy's world. The Slayer is the essence of a true demon. The strength of the Slayer is now finally released.
- What if the DMC world is the Slayers true home? Where it was taken by the PTB giving it to the shadowmen?
- Because of the spell during Chosen, Buffy's slayerside is now really a part of her. No spell, or whatever is ever gonna be able to part her from it. Consequences?
- no scoobies or dawn
- having Faith there would be nice too. She might even be able to make Dante blush. (Faith/Dante)
- Faith and Buffy working on getting along since they are stuck together. (think season 3)
- No Trish/Dante hints cuz i think it's just yucky that he might be feeling something more than friendship for her when she looks exactly like his mother.
- would any of the main characters accept their fate and feelings so easily or will they try to fight, scream and kick their way out of it like all good hero's and villains do? (they all have commitment issues, even Buffy, she just knows how to hide it better than the others)

please please try to stay true to their character as much as possible and try not to rush the story.
i have some plot-line in my head, but i'm very very bad with writing a story ( i tried but i really really such at it) plus English isn't my native language, so if you have question or stuck with your story you can ask me i'm more than willing to help you.
Challenge Date22 Sep 08
Last Updated22 Sep 08

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