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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerBlueIceSpirit
Challenge NameWas there another past life where I pissed someone off?!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Buffy-Centered
DescriptionLately Buffy have been having dreams where she was someone else...

Gohan (DBZ) Heero (GW)

Harry (HP) Ryoma (PoT)

Roxas (KH2) Aang (Avatar)

Cloud (FF7) Ichigo (Bleach)

Naruto (Naruto) Joey/Jou (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Toboe (Wolf Rain) Yusuke (YYH)

Ianto (Torchwood) The Doctor (Doctor Who)

Edward (Twilight) Jacob (Twilight)

Edward (FMA) Clark (Smallville)

Castiel (SPN) Leonardo (TMNT)

Choose someone from above, then that who Buffy was in her past life in another world/reality. However she/he didn't die. She/He disappear in a blinding bright light in front of her/his friend and family.

By who or what you disside and for what reason, i.e A) The PTB who need a warrior in another world (BtVS-verse). Or B) An powerful enemy who's becomes scared of the future with him in it, so they get rid of him but something goes wrong or someone interferes and he is reborn as Buffy Summers the Vampire Slayer. Again you can come up with your own reasons and who.


-Mr Gordo.

-Buffy logic.

-Buffy knowing Lorne (love him).

-Buffy must have been ripped out of heaven, but you can play around with the time-line and her age. Example she came to Sunnyhell sooner and at the time she was already called making her the youngest slayer ever, she'd skipped a few years in school. if you do that then she's between 16-19.

-She over Angel, have a brother/sister relationship with Spike after the abusive one.

-If she get all of the memories of whoever she was, she must keep her Buffy characteristics quality.

-Where ever Buffy came from her/his friends some how finds her but they seems to know who he becomes.

-Buffy recalled dreams she had as a kid and the drawings she drew.

-It starts to becomes to much for Buffy so she goes ice-skating to clear her head.

-Someone from the other verse try to scare Giles (the glaring) but he has/had to deal with a teenage pmsing slayer. "That and her driving" - said Giles.

-If she was Harry she complains that she was English, The Land of Tweed.

-If she was Cloud she complains that she was like Angel.


-If Buffy is getting all of her/his memories have it that someone or Dumbasadoor (XD) rush/speed it up but she starts to get the memories of the life of the past slayers.

-Some bashing of the Scoobies (not a fan).

-Pairing, yaoi, threesome, moresomes, herms or no pairings it completely up to you.

-If her past is from a world/reality with magic, have Buffy be uncomfortable or afraid of it. Cos the last time, she was hurt by the used of magic badly, (the resurrection).

-When her/his friends comes to the BtVS-verse maybe they're incorporeal (like Spike in season 5 of Angel) for a while and only some can see them but Buffy can't but she can get vibes and/or hear some words. She starts to think the place is haunted.

-Bring a few people back from the dead but have to explain how. Who - Sirius, Zack, Goku, Axel, Demyx etc etc.

-Maybe when her/his friend comes it cause a chain reaction meaning that his enemy's/rivals also come too.


The pairings of Buffy/Draco, Buffy/Susuke, Buffy/Sephiroth, Buffy/Seto,
Challenge Date23 Sep 08
Last Updated17 Jan 10

Challenge Responses

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