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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerTheDon
Challenge NameA Better more realistic Xander
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
DescriptionA story in which Xander isnt some sort of mutant or metahuman but one in which hes simply more forceful and driven. he finds himself interested in psychology to the same level that willow was interested in technology and hacking and later magic. you can also fit in his ability as the one who sees into that. his ability to see things tempered by his actual knowledge of human behavior hed be pretty much impossible to bullshit in anyway. hed get to the bottom of many situations and be able to see/sense whats goin on around him. I like to think of it as him having 'force perception' with some empathy thrown in. meaning hed hear/feel the sounds of billions of voices crying out before being suddenly silenced; but he wont be able to throw objects around with his mind.

Should Haves:

Because Xander has a more forceful personality and isnt afraid to get things done I'd imagine him to have somethin like rorscharts(sp?) ideals of 'never comprimise, even in the face of armageddon' by the time willow goes bat shit atleast,if not sooner.

Xander wont be taking none of that bullshit from anyone. none of that zeppo shit, cordelia wants to rag on his family life, then xander makes cracks about her future life as someones sperm receptical aka someones trophy wife.

Xander should actually try and improve himself. I mean he isnt just fighting for his life, but his freakin soul too. he should still be able to whoop ass. he might not be able to overpower vamps with his strength but there aint no way in hell some high school jock is gonna bully him.

Xander gets laid.

Should Nots

Xander doesnt take anyones bullshit


The characters,Xander most of all, should have common sense.
-the hellmouth has been around a long ass time and no ones managed to open hell on earth yet so why would it be any different with the slayer there

-One slayer in all the world MIGHT (but probably not) have been enough to protect the world back in ancient times when the world only had like a couple million people tops but most definately not now with its billions plus people runnin around, not to mention all the human evil.

-theres no way that they should be poor, theres been mention of many treasures and shit that vampires and demons are known to collect in their crypts, not to mention that spike finds a room full of jewels and treasure when looking for that damn uber ring of his. so none of that double meat palace bullshit.

-The library is a freakin PUBLIC library, it is not a good place to hold private war councils or cast dangerous and delicate magics from, nor is it a place to hold dangerous books in which any stupid teenager can take and accidentally download demons into the internet or somethin.

-slayers kill vampires. slayers have that demon radar sense thats been talked about in the series and the movie from way back. Buffy should be be wary and in constant pms cramps in his presense, not be in lust with the guy

-how do vampires get it up? they are dead and do not have a beating heart, so how does the blood get to where it needs to be?
Challenge Date30 Sep 08
Last Updated21 Jan 10

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