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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerTheDon
Challenge NameXander Chaos Personified
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionXander is Chaos personified. any plans made by both bad guys and good guys, but bad guys especially, are screwed up when he's involved. prophecies are made null in void in his presence. A cosmic wild card with no set destiny, unchained by fate. Free to do as he wishes.

Xander's personality would be a sarcastic realist with a mixture of James Bond when it comes to women, though to a smaller extent cause well no one can be like James bond(Connery was the best, word to mother son) he takes no shit from no one, not even so called deities. he uses sex and his artistic abilities as a way to both cope and release the stress from his lifestyle. After Jesse's death Xander absolutely hates all vampires especially Darla and the rest of the scourge to the point that he would personally hunt them down if he ever hears of them (his trips to LA when Darla and Drusilla show up to mess with Angel and his crew). He absolutely hates Darla and Angel by association and it takes Buffy using her slayer strength to hold him back for Angel to escape him which he makes sure Buffy regrets doing constantly by breaking a few bones. bottom line is that Vampires are not things that he tolerates on any level.

Xander's skills will lie in his cunning. he can turn just about any situation into his advantage. failure is not something that he likes to tolerate, brought up by the fact that he doesn't want to end up like his parents. which means that when he meets Buffy he actually trains himself to learn shit. Mainly languages and other Occult type information and swordsmanship with modern weaponry i.e. guns and shit. think of him as Ripper without the demon summoning and being British. he wont be afraid actually to make allies with people and neutral demons for information and anything he might need. he actually moves to make an information network. he also has a crazy ability in the Arts like painting and drawing even music which brings him into a friendship with Joyce whom he can work for in her gallery or something. also any possessions he may have went through he tries to find advantages to make them work for him. especially the Soldier memories which he would immediately practice himself in order to cement the skills before they fade away.

For money Xander will start off by looting and then selling whatever objects he finds also by signing over owner ship to any houses or cars he finds. Xander has to ride either a motorcycle or a muscle car(think Blades charger). His skill in the arts would allow him to eventually make money from his drawings, paintings even his woodwork since he seems to have a good amount of skill with that in cannon. he can even make a comic based off of his life and that of his friends or even write an book on the events. he should add metal work into his skill set so he can modify his own weapons. his abilities to use magic should be small if at all. enough to be able to silence his guns at least. Imagine a silenced sawed off shotgun to a vampires face or any other demon? yeah awesome shit. bring in the weapons that Blade uses in the movies if you want cause they can be hella useful.

The crossover is with whatever you want it to be but Charmed should be one. where he gets along with Pru and manages to bring out the wild girl in her or something. Xander wouldn't return to SunnyD when he leaves on his road trip except during the first situation and manages to screw up any and all plans the first evil may have by actually putting some sense in Buffy's head. Xander should also stop by LA and pretty much screw around with Angel cause its fun and mess up Wolf Ram and Harts plans. Gunn, Kate and Wesley should be apart of the crew by then though. he should also find a way for Cordelia to not die.

The Point is that Xander is Chaos. no plan survives him. both the PTB are hella weary of him and evil folks hate his ass so much. He knows and trains himself in order to be able to take advantage of that ability. have fun with the story.
Challenge Date30 Sep 08
Last Updated30 Sep 08

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