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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerColdhands
Challenge NameLittle Mutants
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > X-Men > General
DescriptionHave 1-5 Character(s) from X-men crossover to the Buffyverse. A consequence of the specific type of portal or method of crossing to another dimension/reality is that the character(s) are de-aged. The X-men characters must end up 4-9 years old and be adopted or looked after by a character or characters from the Buffyverse. Simply being in the Buffyverse carries consequences as well: the kids powers are weakened considerably, though if they went back to their home universe they'd increase to normal levels and the powers of natives of the Buffyverse would increase to unnaturally high levels if they were to go to the X-Men-verse.

Examples of weakened powers in the Buffyverse:
If you were to use Cyclops, his eye-beams might only work in the day when he's been in the sun for a while, and their strength would depend on how much energy his body has absorbed.
If Wolverine, his healing factor would be greatly reduced, healing faster than a slayer, but I can imagine he'd have bloody hands for a while if he used his claws.
If Storm, maybe her ability to affect the weather is reduced, and her range might be much smaller; no summoning tornadoes for her.
Etcetera, etcetera, you get the idea.

Bonus Points:
If you use Cyclops and put him with Buffy. (What? I like the character).
If the kids are actually copies and the original adult versions are still back in their own universe = possible crossing back over using a different method that does not carry the same consequences and bugging the adults.
Challenge Date8 Oct 08
Last Updated20 Jan 10

Challenge Responses

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