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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerTheDon
Challenge NameFire Mage Xander
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
Descriptioneveryone knows that Xander and magic don't get along at all. but i remember reading about how when Xander was a kid a house next door to his caught on fire and he thought that Willow did it cause she knew how much he wanted to see it or something like that and another where Xander reads a magic book out loud and the thing catches fire on him. when I remembered that I thought, what if Xander truly does suck at all magic except for fire magic. So here is how it should be:

~You can cross it over with whatever you want though SG-1 and charmed might be fun cause I'd like to see Xander flirt with Sam Carter or the doctor whatever her name is from the series but its ultimately up to you~

Xander is a fire mage, fire elemental, a pyrokenetic or whatever the hell you wanna call it where Xander controls fire. He should be like pyro from x-men that he can control fire no matter how small the flame but he should also be able to create it. I'm talking about Xander having complete control over the element. later(after he meets Buffy and gets into the fight) he should come up with gloves like that guy from full metal alchemist that gives him a small spark when he snaps his fingers. i also would like to see him be able to affect weapons like the ghost rider did towards the end of the movie where his shotgun spit out fire bullets. whether he also uses a chain like ghost rider does is up to you though, but it would be pretty bad ass.


-Xander should choose a different costume, perhaps something more related to the occult or something like Walter from Hellsing, Indiana Jones (for the languages and knowledge he possesses for the occult) you get the idea

-Xander actually trains to improve his performance. i mean throwing fire is excellent and everything but he should be physically fit, extremely physically fit. i mean hes running against fuckers that are at least 4 times stronger and faster than humans and those are the peons of the bad guys so Xander has to step his physical game up. maybe after the Halloween ep he will actually have an idea of how to train himself from the memories and he moves to get as much out of em before they fade like in cannon.

-Xander cannot be a bitch boy nuff said.

-Xander questions the reality of his chosen fight, meaning he will ask either out loud or to himself whether fighting vampires and demons will help him pay the bills and goes about trying to find out how to make it pay. we've seen how much bullshit it causes having to work during the day and then be up all night getting ones ass beat. so either Xander loots like crazy or he hits the lottery and invests smart. He should also pushes for Buffy to be paid for her work so that she wont have to worry about bills and can focus more on the fight. i mean it makes sense, the Council pretty much makes slayers fight the darkness but don't seem to realize that she needs to pay for things to live, so if they gonna draft her, they gotta pay her, shit even the military gets paid so why not slayers.

-Xander should be smart about the fight. he actually makes contacts, recruits people to help. i mean it seemed like everybody in the school had some kinda ability that could help in the fight but they all seemed to ignore them and then act surprised when one of em turns out to do something stupid with said abilities. Why is a public library the base of operations for them when the majority of their enemies can just walk right into the place? i mean they have been ambushed inside their own base of operations at least twice so it should be a wake up call for them to either get a better (private) base or find some way to keep the fuckers out. maybe some wards that keep vampires out, maybe those wards that Lorne has in his club the anti violence ones, maybe even both. their houses should also be warded seeing as how Buffy's family gets targeted a few times at home and so on.

-Xander and vampires DON'T get along, not even en-souled ones. he certainly wont have any living with him like Buffy made him do with Spike which i think was straight bullshit. Xander needs to be that guy that questions why people are doing stupid shit when they are doing it. meaning for every plan that Buffy comes up with Xander should have a much better one cause well Buffy cant plan worth a damn.

-Xander lives life to the fullest, meaning he knows that hunters such as himself and his groups days are pretty much numbered so he figures hes gonna life his life like he wants and enjoy it to the fullest. you can take that for what you want but I think we all know that that means for our Xander.

-Xander and fire=explosions so he should use that to go on the offensive. instead of always reacting. he the group moves to find put where lairs are located they can set it on fire or blow the shit up during the day. they need to strike the fear into the darkness, make them wary. make them look over their shoulders when they go out for fear of getting fucked up which will curb the amount of victims. the way i see it the demons in Sunnydale didn't fear the slayer or her group. i mean they looked out for her in case she was in their area but other than that they weren't really scared of her seeing as how she only seemed to patrol the cemeteries everyone could just do their hunting on the opposite side of town from where she patrols so run with that. scare TACTICS are a must, notice the capitalized Tactics. there was none in cannon so make sure you bring some into the story


-I wanna see Xander fuck Harmony. for some reason i just wanna see Xander and Harmony use each other for sex and things of that nature. if you can put that into the story, I'd be extremely grateful

Have fun with it
Challenge Date9 Oct 08
Last Updated9 Oct 08

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