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Challenge NamePoltergeist: the Legacy/Xander
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Poltergiest: The Legacy
DescriptionI'd like to see a crossover with P:tL.

When Xander is on his trip after season three(?) his car didn't brake down in Oxnard. Instead he goes to San Fransisco, the home town of the Legacy.


-Xander is possessed by a demon/ghost/hostile entity and the Legacy members are called in to save him.

-A scene in which Rachel/Derek/the other members of the Legacy discuss how well Xander is dealing with having been possessed. Wondering why he isn't more spooked.

-Xander wondering/being angry that he is always the one who ends up possessed (soldier memories, hyena spirit).

-A corporeal demon attacking the Legacy house. (Xander being used to deal with demons and suggesting axes, swords etc. to fight it. The Legacy members being more at ease around ghosts/non-corporeal entities).

-Kat having a crush on Xander.

-Xander telling them about Sunnydale, and Rachel theorising about the pshycological reasons that people there just seem to ignore the weird stuff that happens.

-The bulk of the story MUST take place in the Legacy verse.

-The scoobies may or may not be involved.

That's it. If you need to skip one or two of the requirements in order to make your story work, feel free. I would just love to see some good Poltergeist:the Legacy crossovers. Have fun writing.

Challenge Date23 Jul 04
Last Updated17 Jan 10

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