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Challenge NameBuffy and the Sentinel
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Sentinel, The > Buffy-Centered
DescriptionHi, I would like to see a crossover story with btvs and the sentinel.

-Remember the episode in season two, the on with the career day? Buffy´s carrer test recommended a job in law enforcement. Aka a cop.

-You can start this at any point in the series, perhaps Buffy decided to leave for college after all when Faith showed up. Faith was after all the next in the Slayer succesion. Or perhaps after the events of chosen. She is not really needed with all the slayers running around. Or you could make it AU. (She should still be the slayer, but maybe you could kill off Faith at a convenient time, and put in a new Slayer, who would actually function as such, leaving Buffy free to pursue her career as a cop.)

-Does Dawn exist? It is up to you. Buffy might take the job as a cop in Cascade to put Dawn through college. Or she might do it simply because she wants a real life for herself.

- Cascade is NOT overrrun with vamps or demons. Jim would have picked up on it, and he has not. Maybe it is because it is so far away from the hellmouth. Maybe the supernatural element can sense the presence of a Sentinel and stay away.

-Though you can have Buffy´s friends from Sunnydale in this story, and even a supernatural plot, I would like it to focus on Cascade and detective/police work.

-Will Buffy be suspicious about Jim? Will she notice that he picks up on stuff he should not be able to? Is this set before the ep "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg" or after? Who in the police force know about Jim? Can Buffy´s Slayer sense pick up something from Jim? Does Jim feel something from her? Will he pick up on her being stronger and in better shape than she should be? I want a fair amount of suspicion.

-Will they end up knowing each others secrets? Or will they just be left with a feeling that there is more to the other person than what meets the eye?

-I would like this to be without a pairing, but if you want one, go ahead, just try not to make it the main focus of the story. Also I would like to have some kind of criminal case in this story. One that has Jim, Blair and Buffy working together. Supernatural or not. I would love a longer fic.

I hope this sparks some ideas. Feel free to use any or all of the above as a starting point for a fic. Heck, if this makes you wanna write a Jim/Anya pairing, go right ahead. I would just love to see some more Sentinel/btvs/ats stories out there.

If you do write something in the lines of Sentinel/btvs/ats perhaps with a third show crossover, I would love to read it.

btw, Sentinel transcripts can be found on the tth forums under writing resources.

Challenge Date23 Jul 04
Last Updated17 Jan 10

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