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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerTheDon
Challenge NameProdigy Xander
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionXander modeled after the marvel comic character prodigy(David Alleyne). Xander should have his abilities or it can be a temporary and fade over time like xanders soldier man knowledge left him only he gets to keep whatever knoeledge and skills he picked up from when he had prodigys abilities.

Either: i figure he'd keep the powers and they start to fade away completely maybe a few months after halloween but whatever knowledge and such he obsorbs in that time he gets to keep

Or: he can permanately have his powers but has the mental blocks that prodigy had where the knowledge itself would fade away.

Or Perhaps: After the spell is over he just keeps all the combined knowlege and skills Prodigy regained after he had his mental blocks removed after the whole House of M thing by those Stepford Cuckoos chicks.

i prefer the first and lasts ones but its up to you


No fluke, either xander and cordelia stay together or they decide they are better of as friends and break up but no fluke.
Xander should ride a tricked out motorcycle.

Xander needs a confidence boost. hes already screwed over by not having any powers to fight the darkeness so to speak he doesnt need his crappy self worth to also work against him. so work out a way for Xander to overcome that quickly. once thats covered Xander wont act like such a kicked puppy when it comes to standing up for himself. i mean he can stare vampires and demons in the face and even fight them but he gets scared when a normal high school bully picks on him? nah cant have that in my story

As in all my stories i would like Xander to enjoy his life. James Bond type enjoy. his chosen profession doesnt have a lot of life security so he should be savoring and enjoying the life he does have to its fullest.

Cross it over with anything you want though Stargate would be awesome.

Bonus: if you can have Xander start his own organization to fight the darkness, it would be awesome, i mean the bad guys have Wolf Ram and Hart and they are a global corporation and the good guys have the watchers council who dont really do much so i wanna see xander head a group or company or whatever that dedicated to bringing the warriors of the light together and provide whatever the needs may be for them. pretty much be what the watchers council should be. except expanded to include people other than slayers of couse. you can bring Charmed in on it if you want even some or all of the blade movies, exept the last one, that one was kinda garbage compared to the first two. you get the idea. it could even be a subsidiary of MI6 like Siege had in one of his stories or even better be something like Interpol since they are international and not constricted by borders and things of that nature.

Run with it
Challenge Date6 Nov 08
Last Updated6 Nov 08

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