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Challenge NameOz and the Sentinel
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Sentinel, The > Oz-Centered
DescriptionHi, I'd like to see a crossover story with btvs and the sentinel.

-Oz leaves on his road trip because he needs to learn to control his inner wolf. He ends up in Cascade. Is this before or after he came back during the whole Initiative thing? If it is after, is he still able to control his wolf? Can he turn into it during the day? Willow sparked the transformation, as long as he keeps his cool he remained human, but strong emotions brought out the wolf. Even in the daytime. Is Oz able to control the transformation at will? Is he still a three nights a month werewolf? Or does he go wolfy when he gets upset?

-How do Oz, Jim and Blair's paths cross? Is Oz a witness to a crime? A suspect? A victim (not dead!)? How is the case solved?

-Cascade, again is not a major hotspot for the superatural. Jim would have noticed. Is this because the Supernatural can sense the presence of Sentinel in the city? Is it the distance from a hellmouth? Or is it just an uninteresting city?

-Jim's dream/vision form is a panther. Blair's is a wolf. Can either Blair or Jim sense Oz? Does Oz recognize Blair as a fellow wolf of sorts (he recognised Veruca as a fellow werewolf)? Does Jim or Blair have a vision with another wolf (Oz)?

-Jim has heightened senses. Oz has a heightened sense of smell (he smelled Willow on Tara, when he came back from his road trip). Does Blair suspect that he might be a partial Sentinel? Does he even notice? Does Jim notice.

-Do they find out about each other or do they just suspect? I'd don't want this to be a pairing fic. I'd like a longer story, but anything is fine. I'd like the main story to stay in Cascade, but you can add the Sunnydale people if you want to. I'd like it to contain a crime of some sort, and some police work.

-If you decide that they find out about Oz (at least the part where he has a heightened sense of smell) I want Blair to be thrilled about the possibility of another Sentinel/partial Sentinel.

-If it the story takes place after 'Sentinel, too' and Blair realieses/thinks that Oz might be a full/partial Sentinel he has to worry if this will cause animousity between Oz and Jim.

I hope this sparks some ideas. Feel free to use any or all of the above as a starting point for a fic. Heck, if this makes you wanna write a Jim/Anya pairing, go right ahead. I'd just love to see some more Sentinel/btvs/ats stories out there.

If you do write something in the lines of Sentinel/btvs/ats perhaps with a third show crossover, I'd love to read it.

btw, Sentinel transcripts can be found at the tth forums, under writing resources.

Challenge Date23 Jul 04
Last Updated17 Jan 10

Challenge Responses

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