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Challenge Issuer(Moderator)Teri
Challenge NameImmortal Revelation
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Highlander
DescriptionSome people claim there are a lot of these out there, maybe there are, but it is certainly one of my favorite crossovers.

I want to see a story where one of the gang is immortal. (bonus for Xander or Giles). The person can't be older than Methos, but preferably not a new immortal. They still need to be in character, not suddenly superwise or the only one who can win a fight. They maybe hiding their immortality but that is the main secret (meaning Xander isn't a superwizard whose powers surpass Cassandra and Willow isn't the world's greatest swordsman who could beat both Duncan and Connor with one hand.)

I also like surprise revelation scenes, so they have to find out or there is to be a few times where you tease us into thinking the gang will learn the secret even if they don't.

My preference would be to see no character bashing and see the gang work together and be reasonably friendly to each other. (Bonus for Family-like.)

Thanks for any and all of you who write this one.
Challenge Date23 Jul 04
Last Updated17 Jan 10

Challenge Responses

A continuation of Innocense Lost. Xander and Cordy have settled into their lives as transgenics. Now, the flu season has hit full blast. And what is up with Giles? Please reveiw.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Television > Dark Angel > Xander - Centered • VivianCaidin • FR18 • Chapters [9] • Words [6,808] • Recs [1] • Reviews [11] • Hits [31,850] • Published [30 Jun 06] • Updated [9 Jan 07] • Completed [Yes]