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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerShanna
Challenge NameEvil Willow Goes to St. Louis
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category --Not Specified--
DescriptionPremise: At the end of Dopplegangland, the spell to send Vamp Willow back to her own dimension is a bit off. Instead of returning to the Wishverse, she winds up in the AB universe. The different dimension affects her this way:
1. She no longer morphs into her "game face", and her features become like those of the AB vampires.
2. She regains a bit of her humanity like the AB vampires, making her a mix of dark Vamp Willow, and sweet human Willow. Please don't go to extremes, but find a happy medium. How does Vamp Willow fit into this universe, and adjust after being thrown from her world, to the BtVS world, to this one?

Pairing: I would like to see Willow/Richard, but I wouldn't mind if you went with Willow/Jason or Willow/Asher. Please, no f/f pairings. I know what the BtVS episode stated... "I think I'm kinda gay"...but I prefer to think of Willow as bi-sexual. If she feels the urge to lick Anita's neck, for example, go for it, but please keep the main pairing as one of the above.

Must haves:
1. Willow calling Richard or Jason her Puppy.
2. Willow landing in the AB universe after the spell and stating "This is weird". If you want her to wind up in the coffin room of the Circus, at a zombie raising, or the circus itself, bonus points to you. :)
3. Willow finding out the vampires of this world can roll people's minds, and some fly. Have her pick Jean-Claude's brain in a very Willow-y way for details, and then be disappointed when she possesses neither power.
4. Willow reading Anita's kitties a bedtime story one night. (War and Peace? Hamilton's Seduced by Moonlight ? Helter Skelter? Make it something interesting and unusual.)

Bonus points and a muffin basket for:
1. Vamp Willow discovering she has some latent magical abilities, but not end-the-world powers. Maybe start out at pencil floating and work her way up slowly.
2. Chaining someone up and riding them like a pony.
3. Telling someone the story of how she was turned. The story is up to you since it was never really brought to light on the show.
4. The line "I was kinda fuzzy."
5. The line "Wanna be bad?"
6. The line "Here kitty, kitty, kitty."
7. Willow taking Nathan as her pet kitten. Please, no evil, outrageous, awful torture of the cute kitty! He's suffered enough in the books.

I hope I wasn't too specific that no one takes up the challenge. I tried to make the "must haves" kind of general...and there are only 4 of those! If you accept the challenge, please e-mail me so I know when it's posted ( Good luck!
Challenge Date23 Jul 04
Last Updated23 Jul 04

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