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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuer(Recent Donor)Deamondeathstone
Challenge NameXander's Evil online Girlfriend
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Movies
DescriptionXander has an online girlfriend who knows about the things that go bump in the night and that Xander is one of the people that bump back. Concerned with his safety she decides to remove the reason why Xander risks his live on a nightly basis, Humanity.

Challenge Date29 Nov 08
Last Updated29 Nov 08

Challenge Responses

While still in high school, Xander finds a girlfriend. At least she's a girl and she's a friend... or he thinks she's a girl. And he really assumes she's a friend. But this is Xander, and his track record with girls speaks for itself
Only the author can add chapters to this story Movies > Terminator • litgal • FR13 • Chapters [1] • Words [2,187] • Recs [34] • Reviews [59] • Hits [6,416] • Published [11 Apr 10] • Updated [11 Apr 10] • Completed [Yes]