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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerMagnusXXN
Challenge NameHighschool Hell.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Miscellaneous
DescriptionEvery teenager knows how bad highschool is. Few know it as well as Xander Harris. Living ontop of a Hellmouth during your teenage years has to suck. So lets move him somewhere else. Maybe better...maybe not.

What if Xander was expelled? Snyder was hardcore about getting Buffy kicked out, why not Xander too? And though Giles is a good guy, Buffy's like his daughter...Xander's not. He wouldn't fight as hard as he did.

Where would Xander go?

Think about it, where could he finish his education? There are soo many places.

Xavior's School for gifted youngsters, Roswell High, Smallville High, Hogworts, ect. What friends will he make in his new surroundings? What enemies? Who will he date? Its in your hands.

Most Haves:
Xander and Gang are still friends. Long distance though, phone and internet.

He breaks Snyder's jaw. Why? Well....cuz it looked like fun?

He 'fits' into where he goes. If he goes to Smallville, he doesn't figure out in two minutes Clark's secret, in Roswell he doesn't stumble onto proof of aliens, at Xavior's hes gotta be a mutant. Catch my drift?

Hes still Xander. Smart assed, brave, a little hardened around 'normal' people from his years on a Hellmouth.

Most Not Have:
No Slash.

No character Death.

No Godlike Xander.

Once in one of these new places, he doesn't have to become best friends with the main characters there. They might not get along at all. Hell, they could hate each other. I know I wanna smack Clark Kent in the face with a glowing green rock sometimes. Hes just gotta be 'around' them.

Chance the surroundings, but the guys the same person. Hes lived too long around the weird and evil. Not easily fooled, not as trusting as he once was. And being the loyal guy he is, he misses his friends.

See where this might take you.

): )
Challenge Date1 Dec 08
Last Updated1 Dec 08

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