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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerTheDon
Challenge Name'The Wish' universe
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionI've read a few stories where a scooby member goes back in time to help stop all crap in the show from happening and a usually theres a good bit of buffy bashing involved in this. but what I want to see is something a little differerent from that but mostly the same.

I challenge you to write a Xander-centric story where both Xander and Willow come back in time but instead of the normal timeline they come back in an alternate dimension, specifically the dimension where the episode 'the wish' took place where buffy ends up going to cleveland instead of sunnydale or where ever place she ended up going instead of sunny-D. of course Xander and Willow will have to form a crew and so what the scoobies do best without Buffy(but that wont be much of a problem for them seeing as theres no slayer to bring all the crazy shits to sunnydale to kill her) I'd like to see them taking over the city underworld style and willow appopriate funds from the council without their knowledge of course. it can be a Xander/Willow pairing if you wish but not really necessary if not.

Xander and Willow should eventually open up their own business similar to Angel Inc but way more sucessful, i mean willow is the most powerful witch in like centuries and Xander is the 'one who sees' work that in there

Xander should have an ability, not a seer or anything like that but something like complete environmental awareness, meaning he always knows about everything that is going on around him and the important stuff just jumps out at him. Ex. Xander walks into a building and imediately all armed guards, every possible entrance and exit, any and all security like cameras and such and non humans would just jump out at him and contantly tell him what he needs to know about whats around him so hes never really surprised by things or walks into a trap without atleast a few seconds warning.

Mandatory: Xander and Willow need a better home base than the freakin PUBLIC library. they have been ambushed too many times by vampires inside there or atleast they should but wards up around it to repel anyone with hostile intent from entering.

Cross it over with Charmed and anything else you want but Charmed is manditory

Have fun with it though
Challenge Date8 Dec 08
Last Updated8 Dec 08

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