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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerSithicus
Challenge NameThe Tooniest Gig of Them All
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Cartoons > Mickey Mouse
DescriptionDingoes Ate My Babies have been hired for a gig at a famous Cartoon Nightclub called the House of Mouse, The whole Scooby gang is whisked away on a crazy Carpet ride of an adventure when Oz and his band are hired. The reason, Minnie, Mickey or anyone else who works at the House of Mouse mistakenly thought they were hiring a band of real Dingoes.

Must haves...

The gang reacting as typical teenagers might if presented with a world of Real Cartoons.
Buffy demanding to know how it's possible that the club exists.
Xander asking one of the guests if Scooby-Doo ever shows up.
Set during Season Two or Three when Oz was part of the band.
Should only feature Disney characters from the feature films and television series up to 1997 or 1998 depending on which season of Buffy you feature the crossover in. (So you can't have characters such as Kim Possible, Hanna Montana, Zack & Cody or any High School Musical characters because they haven't been created yet.)
Be wild and creative, find a way to interweave a story and create companion cartoon shorts appropriate for the crossover to interrupt the story in th Club similar to the way the cartoon show is. (Example, Mickey Mouse could face Pete the Vampire to save Minnie in a Mickey Mouse Short.)
Cordy should try to finagle one of the Cartoon characters to act as a reference or 'Put in a Good Word for Me At the Studio' kind of deal.
Remember, no real people, only Disney characters. So you can't have Mike Eisner in the club so Buffy can kick his butt. (If you happen to hate the guy. I don't.)
Don't be so serious, this is a cartoon crossover after all.

Can't Haves...

Super Powered Xander.
Character Bashing and by extension Company Bashing. (IE don't take on the challenge if you really hate Disney and want Buffy and Co. to trash the club, that isn't what this is here for.)
Vampire Attacks. There shouldn't be too much Buffyverse in the House of Mouse for the simple fact that it's a Nightclub for Toons, Vampires can't drink Toon blood I mean they're kind of two-dimensional. Ayuck.

Other than that anything is fair game. But remember above all have fun and get wild, just remember that and there should be no problems creating a really funny and fun story.
Challenge Date10 Dec 08
Last Updated18 Jan 10

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