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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerLucinda
Challenge NameOnly Mostly Dead
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Other BtVS/AtS Characters
DescriptionWe all know what Joss decreed - Drusilla slit Kendra's throat in the library, there was much bleeding (and why didn't Dru drink any of that powerful Slayer blood, hmmm?), and Kendra's dead body was found in the library, removed, and became a) another dead Slayer, Call the next one and b) one more problem for Buffy - what was your connection with the unidentified dead woman from the library? Joss wrote it, and it was so...

But what if that wasn't what really happened? What if Kendra wasn't as dead as we thought?

You could go the route that claims that the injury wasn't quite enough to kill her and she recovered (think of the criminal investigations - who is she, and why was she in the library getting attacked? Where is the almost-murder weapon? Is she a US citizen? The medical questions - why didn't she die? how did she get some of those scars?)

Maybe she was only mostly dead (resisting urge to request Princess Bride quote/scene...) Maybe they rebuilt her, just like the Bionic Woman/Six Million Dollar Man. Or maybe some other intelligence agency thought she could be useful (Alias, an American counterpart to James Bond, Burn Notice...) Or maybe something a bit more ominous, more Frankenstein-like.

Maybe she died and woke up Immortal -> Highlander.

Maybe the Kendra that wakes up is a clone, or 'Kendra the Vampire Slayer' was a dream sequence, like in Total Recall, or strange events in the Matrix?

How many stories do we have here involving other types of vampires, or were-creatures with accelerated healing? (Anita Blake and Underworld categories, I'm looking at you. Or Lost Boys, Forever Knight, Moonlight...)

To summarize - Somehow, Kendra sprawled on the library floor wasn't the end. She survived, or was rebuilt, or got better... and now she's back. Perhaps looking for revenge. Perhaps to continue 'her duty as a Slayer'. Perhaps it has nothing to do with Sunnydale at all, and she's caught up in crossover mayhem. For Kendra, S2 was just Act 1.

I'm sure that someone can write Kendra a few more acts before the final curtain falls.
Challenge Date11 Dec 08
Last Updated27 Jan 10

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