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Challenge IssuerGreywizard
Challenge NameHarry Potter Is Adopted by the entire Scooby Gang at the end of Season Four
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Harry Potter
DescriptionJames and Lily develop and cast a spell that will send Harry to a place where he will be safe from any attempts by Tom Riddle/Voldemort to kill or injure him, and he ends up on the Summers front porch in the evening of the day that the Scoobies cast the Joining spell to defeat ADAM. Whether this means that the Wizarding is in the same dimension as the Scooby-verse is up to the author.

In any event, when Buffy and the other Scoobies show up after destroying ADAM and discover Harry on the porch, the residual magic of the Joining spell (which united all four of them into a single being) combines with Lily and James' protection spell to form blood bonds between Harry and Buffy, Harry and Xander, Harry and Willow and Harry and Giles, making them all family members as far as the magic of the spell is concerned and all four are now focused on protecting Harry.

The combined spell energies also act to enhance each of the Scoobies so as to better protect Harry – maximizing Buffy's Slayer abilities, re-energizing Xander's residual Primal Spirit abilities and enhancing both Willow's and Giles' spellcasting abilities, while also allowing each of them to manifest minor aspects of the others' abilities. Willow and Giles are slightly physically enhanced (but not to Slayer/Primal levels) while Buffy and Xander begin to display low-level aptitudes for spellcasting.

All canon relationships should remain unchanged (at least initially), meaning Buffy and Riley will stay together, as will Xander and Anya, and Willow and Tara, and all four Scoobies will insist on participating in raising Harry. Harry can call Buffy Mom-my, Anya Mom-ma and Willow Mom-mow to differentiate each of his mothers' names. (Maybe Giles and Joyce can also get together once Giles starts to spend more time at the Summers home helping raise Harry?)

And as in the canon Scooby-verse, Glory will show up several months later, searching for whatever object it was that managed to break through the dimensional barriers keeping her here on this plane. The question is up to the author as to whether the Order of Dagon took advantage of the opportunity to implant the Key energy into Harry, or is Dawn a separate, mystically created sibling of Buffy's as she was in Season Five?

What Dumbledore and his minions might do with regard to Harry's disappearance following James and Lily's deaths is also up to the author. Can they track him down with some powerful tracking spell or is he off their mystical radar entirely?

If/when Dumbledore does eventually locate Harry, what will he do when he discovers that Harry's new parents are not simply going to let him dictate what Harry's fate will be, and are quite strongly opposed to giving Harry up and transferring guardianship of Harry to the Dursleys? I can't see him being able to easily Obliviate any of the Scoobies and get away with it for any appreciable length of time.

How would Sirius react to Harry's new situation? Will he be amenable to Harry being raised by the Scoobies once he finds out what happened to Harry? Would he consider moving to Sunnydale to help guard Harry from others trying to seek him out? I can see him contacting Remus to help him reconnoiter the town once he discovers where Harry is.

Something else to consider is how would having Willow, Tara, Anya and Giles as his primary magical tutors affect Harry? I can't see Anya NOT teaching Harry protection spells that the Ministry would most likely label as 'Dark', while Tara would undoubtedly teach Harry spells from the other end of the magic spectrum, while Giles would make sure that Harry was aware of the likely dire consequences that any sort of summoning magic would entail. And having Buffy, Xander and Riley teaching Harry hand-to-hand and weapons combat skills would certainly result in a much more confident, physically capable young man than the character seen in JKR's series.

Another aspect to consider would be the Watchers Council's view of the entire situation. Would they try to abduct Harry, in order to be able to control him and mold him into another tool for the Council to use, the same way they view the Slayer? Doing something like that would almost certainly result in a death sentence for any Council member involved.

I can't even begin to consider doing something like this until I finish my other Scooby/HP cross "Prophecies..." but I'd love to see someone pick this up and run with it.
Challenge Date18 Dec 08
Last Updated18 Dec 08

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