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Challenge Issuerheartsarewild
Challenge NameA Vampire's Child
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category CSI > General
DescriptionI got beaned in the head by this plot bunny while trying to get to sleep one night.

After Connor was born in Angel, I felt that Connor couldn't have been the first child to have a vampire for a parent. To have both parents as Vampires or to have a Vampire as a mother, yes, but there had to be others out there that had Vampire fathers.

My challenge is this: take a character from one of the CSI shows whose family we don't know a lot about from cannon, and have their father be a Vampire, preferably Spike, but that is up to you. Or you can take a character like Horatio Caine, whose family we do know about, but whose father was abusive, and still have their father be a Vampire, hence the reason for the abuse.

There are a few points I want answerers to the challenge to consider, but are not required.

1. What abilities does the child have due to its parentage? Do they have fangs? Do they have comparable strength? Do they require a certain amount of blood in their diet?

2. How does the child age? Do they age at all after a certain age? Do they age slower? Does their heritage make them nearly immortal after a certain age as long as a particular weakness is not exploited?

3. Do half-vampire children suffer a higher death rate than other children? If so, why? If the vampire parent is aware of the child, what do they do to protect the child and it's mother?

4. What does the existence of the child mean for the events in the Buffy and Angel series? How would the child interact with the Scoobies? With Giles? With Angel's group? What does the fact that the child's parent is a vampire mean for the events in their particular CSI show (CSI, CSI: Miami, or CSI New York) and the events shared between the various series (the crossover episodes)? Their team? Who on their team knows?

Other than that, go hog wild and have fun.
Challenge Date1 Jan 09
Last Updated10 Jan 10

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