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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerAnonymousChallenges
Challenge NameAlias/BTVS
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category --Not Specified--
DescriptionThis should be a Buffy centric fic set mainly in the Alias verse
Milo Rambaldi is the guy who wrote the most of the prophecies about buffy being a slayer and how she shall die at the Master’s hand and all that.
Giles after seeing this started doing all the research he could on Rambaldi and his inventions and prophecies.
Buffy takes an interest in Rambaldi and his interest in her life.
This takes place after season three. Instead of season 4 happening this does. It does not need to directly start there like it can be in the future a bit but season four onwards shouldn’t happen.
Now we bring in the Alias characters it can be any season.
They take an interest in Giles and buffy information and collection of Rambaldi artefacts.
You can choose any of the organizations (SD-6 Covenant CIA) that finds them first and Buffy’s part in the end game (because she’s got to have one) and work from there.
Buffy ends up as a spy with preferably Oz as her partner working with one of the organizations or becomes a freelancer agent
What I don’t want to see is heavy S/V shipping or any Buffy/Vaughn shipping.
Extra points if you have a Buffy/Sark pairing and if Buffy is some how related to Sydney like their cousins or sisters.
Also this is before dawn I would prefer not to see her in there but if you want her to be the key to something by all means put her in.
If you decide to take it up email me please.
Challenge Date30 Jul 04
Last Updated30 Jul 04

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