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Challenge IssuerOldManAlexi
Challenge NameA Mutating Halloween
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > X-Men
DescriptionI was reading MagnusXXN's unfinished Buffy/X-men crossover Something Wicked This Way Comes and I started wondering why there aren't more fics like that. The Buffy/X-men Halloween fics generally do not take place in the X-men 'verse. I want one that does.

Ethan copies the uniform of a mutant and sells it. The person who where the costume keeps the powers of whoever they dressed as.

The person who wears it should be a major character such as Xander, Joyce Summers, or Giles. Another possibility is Warren if you want a mutant Big Bad.
Buffy is already the Slayer and Willow already has nigh limitless magical potential so if you want to use them, be careful not to over do it.
If you want to use Giles, make someone else pick up the costume for him or something. There would be no way he could go into the shop and not recognize Ethan.
No making anyone dress up as Phoenix or something. That's just far too much power.
Having him/her keep the memories from the costume is a possibility but not required. Though, I would prefer at least a few fragmented memories for when they meet.
He or she MUST meet whoever they dressed up as eventually.

If you want someone to be gay who isn't gay in canon, don't make it because they dressed up as a gay character... though, bonus points if they are awkwardly attracted to the person they dressed up as.

... Extra special bonus points if Xander (or another male character) dresses up as someone who Mystique is imitating and ends up with a blue, female default form.
Challenge Date15 Jan 09
Last Updated6 Feb 10

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