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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerTheDon
Challenge NameProffesor X(ander)
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionI'm not sure what season this happened, perhaps the 3rd but instead of Buffy getting hit with the aspect of a demon and geting a super powerful telepathy ability Xander is the one who ends up with it instead and through whatever reasons he ends up keeping the ability under control and is able to use it from then on at will.

the series continues as usual til graduation where Xander desides to leave sunnydale for the forseeable future and only come back when the devil itself comes a knockin because thanks to his telepathy he was able to see just how much they dont want him around and is underapreciated. he realiases that he cant really thrive under those stifling conditions and decides to travel till something comes up.(he can earn some money in vegas if you want) he should at the very least come into contact with the charmed ones at some point. whether its to stay and help then permanately or part time is up to you

Xander can end up becoming a professor if you want, i can see xander doing it just for the chance to make a joke out of it to people who know about his abilities. i was thinking more of a psychologist or perhaps even both but i dont think i could work it but roll with it if you with

Xander must be straight and cant get with Buffy or Willow beyond perhaps friends with benefits.

Xander should use guns. i dont care what anyone says a freakin dirty harry gun to a vampires chest or face is gonna put em down hard at best and slow em down drastically at worst. lests not even think about what a shotgun will do to anything.
I'd suggest he gets em magically augmented to put an extra clydesdale sized kick to his weapons.

cross it over with charmed atleast anything else is your decision

make sure there is a decent amount of lemons in it, this is an adult story people so dont be skimpy on the blood, guts, and sex.
Challenge Date14 Feb 09
Last Updated14 Feb 09

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