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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerGreywizard
Challenge NameThe REAL reason for the Council using the Cruciamentum
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionOkay, first some background: The demon that the Shadow Men, the wizards who first empowered the Slayer, chose to enslave was an ancient and powerful one, and they were able to overpower it and use it in the ritual only because it had previously been weakened in a battle with another equally powerful demon.

The enhanced physical abilities and the precognitive Slayer dreams a Slayer gains are all initial manifestations of the demon's power. As a Slayer ages and gains more experience, the demon's innate abilities grow stronger in them, empowering them, and that is why they are so successful fighting demons. The first additional ability which manifests as a Slayer grows in power allows them to absorb the power, skills and life force of whichever opponent they are fighting, simultaneously strengthening themselves and weakening their opponent. This ability is instinctive and erratic initially, and not at all conscious, so a Slayer is not aware she possesses it when it first begins to manifest.

The Council knows from experience and observation that the Slayer increases in power as she ages, but no longer has any real idea of the full extent of any additional powers the original demon possessed, and they are terrified of the potential power a veteran Slayer might develop. This is the real reason that Slayers who survive to their eighteenth birthday undergo the Cruciamentum – the Council gradually realized the truth about a Slayer's growing abilities and prefers to have them die early, rather than risk allowing the possible existence of a powerful demon they cannot control. Those few Slayers who survived the Cruciamentum were later targeted and assassinated by a Council hit team (who generally experienced a minimum eighty percent casualty rate), who were told that the Slayer in question had gone rogue.

The challenge here is to show what kind of powers Buffy or Faith (or another Slayer) might begin developing as a consequence of the above, and how they and the Scoobies react when the Council tries to take out the existing Slayers. This should be set anytime after the Season Three episode 'Helpless.'

One additional point to consider is whether or not Buffy might continue developing the above noted abilities since she is no longer 'The Slayer' - remember, she died during her battle with the Master, and the Slayer Spirit moved on to both Kendra and Faith.

If this is set after Season Five and Dawn's introduction as Buffy's sister, you might want to consider possible consequences of the above information regarding her, since we were told she was made from Buffy.

Possible crossovers that could be used are: Charmed, Dresden, Eureka, Fringe, Millennium, Primeval, Special Unit 2, Sanctuary, Supernatural, The Chronicle, The Others or The X-Files.
Challenge Date24 Mar 09
Last Updated24 Mar 09

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