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Challenge Issuerbelgintei
Challenge NameIn search of a sister
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Charmed
DescriptionChallenge: In search of a sister

Crossover: Buffy/Charmed.

After buying season eight of charmed it occurred to me that although there seem to be stories of Buffy being related to the charmed ones there does not seem any where she is related to Billie?

So the challenge is as follows:

Buffy is Billie’s long lost sister - It was the Council that took her not a demon. While they attempted to transport her from the US to the UK they somehow lost her in LA (How is up to you). Because Buffy was so old when she was taken, a spell was cast on her so that she could not remember anything including her name - The police assumed it was because of her being kidnapped from somewhere. Anyway eventually she was adopted by Joyce and Hank Summers.

Fast forward to season seven of Buffy and season eight of Charmed (one will of course need moving to make this possible.) Billie is now searching for her older sister and the fight the Charmed ones are to face is not Billie and her sister but the First.

Must haves:

Dawn must still be in it. It is up to you if she is actually Hank and Joyce’s biological daughter or as in the show made from Buffy and therefore related to Billie.

The Charmed Ones and Billie travelling to Sunnydale around the time the people start to leave town.

Paige’s whitelighter healing does not work on the slayers or potentials because they have the essence of a demon in their makeup.

The kicking out of Buffy from her house must still happen (If you can work out a way to do it) but there cannot be a permanent split with the Scoobies.

The First appearing to the Charmed Ones as Prue.

Cannot haves:

Buffy being a witch like Billie (She will be like her real parents, have no magick powers)

Willow being as powerful as the Charmed Ones or Billie who are born witches where as she is self taught.

Paige being able to orb all over the place (Maybe the Hellmouth interferes with it) but her other powers are unaffected.

Can haves:

Dawn having a magickal power (If related to Buffy and Billie) but only minor during the story.

Anya when she was a demon telling how she helped the Charmed Ones grandmother take vengeance on one of her former husbands/lovers.

The Charmed Ones and Billie either entering the Hellmouth with the slayers or helping Willow cast the spell to activate the potentials.

Piper acting all motherly to the younger potentials.
Challenge Date25 Mar 09
Last Updated25 Mar 09

Challenge Responses

As a child, Christy Jenkins was taken from her family. Her sister, Billie always believed that a demon took her. But what if it was the Council, and Christy was hidden in plain sight, as the vampire slayer?
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