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Challenge IssuerIceflame
Challenge NameBtVS/Gargoyles Challenge: Oberon's Daughter
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Cartoons > Gargoyles
DescriptionBtVS/Gargoyles Challenge: Oberon's Daughter

I have seen very few Gargoyles crossovers; this challenge is in large part spawned by Doc4's story Slayer Knight, which can be found at in the Buffy crossover section.

Summary: Buffy finds that she is far more than just a Slayer, when she meets her REAL dad.

Challenger's Note: If the Author(s) want to, they can spread out the various events required as a series if so desired. The only request I have if you use this option is that if you can't write the next story yourself for any reason, you give others who are interested the option to co-author with you. The main reason I present these challenges is to give inspiration, and to (hopefully) see new stories emerge into the light of day.

Must Haves:

1. Buffy is Oberon's daughter, but Oberon can NOT be disguised as Hank Summers.

2. Buffy going to New York. Reason why she goes is your choice. Whether anyone else goes with her is up to you.

3. While in NY, Buffy ends up meeting the Gargoyles, and Puck. Puck can be disguised as Owen, but at some time must take his true form (he need not change from Owen to Puck in front of Buffy, but she must meet him when he's in his Fey form at least once).

4. At some point during her stay in NY, Buffy Fey nature must be permanently awakened by one (or more if you want to write as a combination of effects) of the following while trying to help the Gargoyles:

a. Buffy destroys a powerful artifact; the backlash awakens her Fey nature.

b. Buffy fighting/resisting a spell that is hurting/killing her, and inadvertantly tapping into the Fey side of her heritage.

c. Buffy having to use an artifact to fight a Big Bad in Central Park that kills any Mortal that uses it (her Fey side prevents it from killing her, as Fey are Immortal).

5. Buffy meeting Oberon after her Fey nature is awakened.

6. Buffy can be paired with anyone that is not a gargoyle that Oberon considers worthy of one of His Daughters; also, the one she is paired with must either already be Immortal, or be made Immortal. Again, I'll ask that anyone wanting to write B/X do so with them as part of a threesome.

7. A happy scene in the future with Buffy and her Lover(s). Bonus points if they are on Avalon at the time.

Bonus points:

1. Xander meeting Puck; enough said.

2. Buffy having magical mishaps due to her being untrained in her power.

3. Buffy using her fey power in ways Puck would be proud of.

4. Oberon training Buffy in the use of her power.

5. Oberon "taking steps" when he hears how the Watcher's Council treated/treats Slayers in general and Buffy in particular.

6. Buffy Daughter of Oberon vs. Glory the Hellgoddess
Challenge Date6 Aug 04
Last Updated19 Jan 10

Challenge Responses

Joyce Summers had a bit of a vengefull moment a few weeks before marrying Hank. His name was "Ron." Boy, is Buffy going to be surprised! No pairings other than canon are planned as yet, but suggestions will be taken under advisement...
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