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Challenge IssuerMarcusSLazarus
Challenge NameThe Key to Time
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Dr. Who/Torchwood > Dawn-Centered
DescriptionDuring his Fourth incarnation, the Doctor was called upon by the White Guardian- the personification of Order for the universe- to find the Key to Time, a powerful artefact consisting of six segments that, when combined, would grant the user complete power over all of time and space ("The Ribos Operation" to "The Armageddon Factor"). At the conclusion of the search he dispersed the segments to prevent them falling into the hands of the Black Guardian- the personification of chaos-, leaving him on the run once again.

Later on, in his fifth incarnation, he was selected by an agent of the Grace- powerful beings beyond even the Guardians- to find the segments again when they began to decay as a result of his actions ("The Key 2 Time: The Judgement of Isskar" to "The Key 2 Time: The Chaos Pool"), culminating in him destroying the segments to prevent anyone using them.

However, in his tenth incarnation, the Doctor arrives in Sunnydale during Season Five, only to learn that the Key's power has once again come together, reverting to a non-corporeal state after he destroyed the segments and going on to drift around the universe... until, finally, the energy was once again given physical form in the persona of Dawn Summers, now being hunted by a new foe with no understanding of what she seeks or the consequences if she uses it the way she plans...

* Can have the Doctor travelling with Martha, Donna or on his own, but NO ROSE (I liked her as a character but she is being used FAR too often, really)
* How the Doctor learns that Dawn is the Key is up to you (Personally, I'm thinking that the TARDIS has 'evolved' some sensitivity to the Key after coming in contact with the other segments, but I'm open to options)
* MUST feature the Black and/or White Guardians dropping in at some point.
* Giles has some knowledge of the Doctor's more mystical encounters on Earth- his confrontation with Azal ("The Daemons"), Morgraine ("Battlefield") and the Carrionites ("The Shakespeare Code"), as an example-, and hence knows that their new visitor is not human, but should not be aware of the Doctor's nature as an ALIEN.
* The Doctor and Glory come face-to-face at least once, with the Doctor coldly informing Glory that he'll defeat her and Glory dimissing him until he mentions his defeat of the Beast ("The Impossible Planet"/"The Satan Pit"), at which point she begins to show at least SLIGHT concern.
* The Doctor showing great admiration of Buffy's compassion and acceptance of Dawn despite her origins
* Buffy criticising the sonic screwdriver
* The Doctor reflecting on his time with Romana and Amy (His companions during his original searches for the Key's segments)
Challenge Date20 Apr 09
Last Updated16 Jan 10

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